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Why Facebook changed its brand name as meta ?

What is the reason behind changing name from Facebook to meta

The Reason Behind Changing Name from Facebook to meta

Facebook was initially going to be a browser. But they realized that on the web you need a huge number of userbase for a browser to succeed. And they just didn’t have enough users for Facebook to become a browser. So they went back to the drawing board and they started working on ways of increasing the userbase.

Since the userbase for social networks wasn’t that high, Facebook knew that in order to attract more users they had to go the route of mobile social networks. In 2007, Facebook released a beta version of its Facebook application for smartphones, which was available for Apple iPhones and Android devices.

Their move to go for smartphones was also a direct result of all the Apple advertisements that were running for Facebook in 2007.

How the Name Change Affects Users

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Firstly the two names were exactly the same

The names: Facebook and Meta were identical but the prefix “meta” was added to Facebook to give the brand more substance. Facebook was renamed meta because of the abbreviation of meta data, now Facebook basically means social data. However in 2012 Facebook realized that Meta has different meaning. From user perspectives “meta” means users vs social graph data, so Facebook took away “meta” and named its app Facebook. They later on made this change on their page : “We still believe in the value of the Facebook social graph. The platform that serves social content is the same. But the name of the app has changed. We also didn’t want the difference between the social graph and our service to be confusing for people.

Why Facebook Changed his Brand Name as meta

Here’s a conversation that got on a bunch of Facebook fan pages with no less than Zuckerberg himself. Mark Zuckerberg is being rather transparent with his fans as the tech giant decided to change the name of Facebook to “meta” in order to remove the company’s character and make it relatable to everyone. Meta has become the largest social media platform in the world and Mark Zuckerberg has now tried to bring that significance to the company that is synonymous with him.

Basically, the name change is a result of the Facebook following the path set by Facebook itself. Like Facebook, Meta, too, is not-so-popular with the masses. In fact, according to Forbes, the company has in the last five years lost roughly 50% of its userbase.

What Happens to Your Profile after Changing your Name to meta

Will Facebook app features will change after Meta?

No, All the features and services will remain same

Do we need to signup again ?


Is our data will remain safe ?


Will my data synchronize automatically?


is Meta app owned by Facebook?


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