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Importance of SSL Certificate for Your Website

SSL Certificate For Your Website

A website requires an SSL certificate for every visitor so that your site can be easily and securely recognized and delivered to a visitor of your website through an SSL secured connection. The SSL Certificate is important for your website in three ways:

1. You need to be identified by visitors.

You need to be identifiable through all visitors who come to your website. The most important feature that you need to be identified is a SSL certificate. And that is the most important thing for the real E-commerce website in today’s world.

2. The second important thing is you need to be secured from the malicious attacks.

The bad guys will try to gain access to your e-commerce website by various methods. The website being secured with a SSL certificate is much more secure and user-friendly.

Why SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificate is the key to guarantee that your site is secure from any phishing and hacking attempts. So, if your site is using a weak SSL Certificate, anyone can easily compromise your data. But, with the help of HTTPS there is no possibility to compromise your data. When you are browsing your website, there will be a green padlock at the top left corner of your screen. This is your visitor’s sign of security and trust in your website. This padlock is an assurance that your visitor will be protected from any data hacking attempts.

Shows Benefits of SSL

Improves privacy and security of the customers

Strong association with SSL certificates

Can enhance online conversion rates

Shows basic structure of SSL certificate

Shows relevant and important SSL certificates from the industry

The most important SSL certificates and SSL Certificates

These are the most important and basic steps for e-commerce website:

1. Choose the Domain name or URL to protect your website

a. Important points to remember

There is no free lunch. It is very important to choose a domain name for your e-commerce website that is descriptive and secured.

a. Penetration testing – There are multiple vulnerabilities within the web browsers. Be sure to get a reliable and tested service. You can secure your website by iTheme

2. Choose a Website Builder

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How to get an SSL certificate

How to get an SSL certificate

A certificate authority (CA) is a non-profit organization that provides a cryptographic proof-of-existence of a website owner, which in turn allows software applications, data and devices that are connected to the Internet, to verify that they are communicating with a legitimate website owner.A certificate authority is required to issue a certificate to a website and it is also called a digital signature. SSL certificates are issued by various certificate authorities for various purposes. But in modern times, they are primarily used to encrypt the traffic between a website owner and a user.

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Top benefits of using SSL certificate

Gain customer trust

Encrypted Security

Secure transactions

Market Trust

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