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UMADEVI is the founder of CYBER WOLVERINE. She has expertise in various fields like Web Application security, mobile application security, IoT security and cyber law. She is an expert in cyber security training, system hacking and network hacking. She holds various certifications in Ethical Hacking from reputed institutes like EC-Council .

Q ) Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Ans ) I’m a Certified Ethical Hacker by EC-Council and certified cybersecurity professional from certiprof. Nominated for CEH EC-Council Hall of fame. I have 3+ years of experience in the field of cyber security training and research. I have trained individuals

Q) When and How did you come up with the idea of entering the Cyberworld?

Ans ) Well, It was 2013, I saw a character in a show who was hacker and saved a lot of people. I never knew where to put my research skills but this field excited me. I started developing my knowledge and met various people in the field.

Q) What is it like to work at infosec sector ?

Ans ) It’s great. It’s very exciting, sometimes boring though. Btut as an instructor I get inspire a lot of people, that actually gives me a lot satisfaction.

Q) What are the amazing things you did in security ?

Ans ) Well I always research, I work on company’s site to check for vulnerabilities and sometimes I do. I create VAPT Reports to our company and clients. I trained students from various backgrounds. It feels amazing when they find some vulnerability and jobs.

Q) What upcoming challenges do you see for a security tester as per the current security postures of companies?

Ans ) Well obviously, Zero Day Attacks and new OWASP Top 10 list and also automated security audits which make companies believe they are sucure.

Q) Brief about organization and founding members. What challenges did your organization face, as time went on?

Ans ) Well my organization is a cyber security solution provider and Cyber Security training institute. There are mainly 2 founding members. We faced few web application security based challenges initially and currently skill gap in the field.

Q) Describe how your journey was, from being a nobody to a successful entrepreneur.

Ans) I’m not an entrepreneur yet. I will be soon for sure. But to be honest the journey was great from being nothing and now to be lead trainers at my organization. Surely it was bumpy, blank, blind, superfast, tedious sometimes, but it was worth it.

Q) What are the useful online and offline sources to learn cyber security?

Ans ) Well to my opinion, Online Sources include – Reddit, Github, Medium, Cybrary , Nathan Station X and more. And offline few cyber security clubs in some cities.

Q) What could be next towards the global domination of your venture?

Ans ) My organizations is to be the All in one cyber security solution provider.

Q) What certification do you suggest to master the skills in cyber security ? Please suggest the right path and resource to achieve it.

Ans ) CEH (Theory + Practical) , OSCP, Security+ and more. Well there isn’t any right path, I solely depends on the person. But initially develop your networking basics, get hands experience, practice all the time until it become into a muscle memory.

Q) Some of the achievements in Cyber Security ?

Ans ) Nominated as CEH Hall of Face EC Council ,Finding Vulnerabilities in Client’s site, inspiring students.

Q) What advice will you give to our readers to improve their security testing skills?

Ans ) Be persistent. Be inquisitive. Never Stop Learning. Always think “WHY” and “HOW”.

Q) What are the myths companies have in their mind while dealing with Cyber Security?

Ans) That they are secure,, They are small scale of they will not be attacked, Cyber attacks cannot be mitigates

Thank you for giving your valuable time to appearing on our blog. It’s a great pleasure to talk to such a person with so much experience. we hope to see you on bright level in the field of cyber security

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