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Interview with Shrutirupa Banerjiee

Shrutirupa is an experienced Security Enthusiast with over 4 years of demonstrated skills in Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment of Applications(web & mobile) and Networks, Blockchain-based Smart Contracts, and WAF(Web Application Firewall).

Q ) Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Ans. ) I am an experienced Security Professional with over 4 years of demonstrated skills in various areas of security, currently working as a Senior Security Researcher at Quick Heal and the technical lead of a non-profit organization, BBWIC Foundation

Q ) When and How did you come up with the idea of entering the Cyber security world?

Ans. ) I was very much intrigued by the concept of cryptography, malware, and reverse engineering. This led me to constant exploring different areas of security, and hence, getting into this CyberWorld.

Q. ) What is it like to work at infosec sector ?

Ans. ) It is pretty fun yet challenging to work in the infosec sector. Every time you work on something, it is never the same as your previous experience, which helps with constant learning and research.

Q.) What are the amazing things you did in security ?

Ans. ) I found vulnerabilities in some renowned websites and got opportunities to present at huge conferences. I am currently running a YouTube channel and also have a blogging website. I am also the technical lead of a non-profit organization, BBWIC Foundation

Q. ) What upcoming challenges do you consider for a security tester as per the current security scenario ?

Ans. ) The cyber security challenge is similar to the healthcare challenge. Experience and cost.

Q. ) Brief about organization and founding members. What challenges did your firm, association, organization face, as time went on?

Ans. ) I’m so sorry but Im not answerable because of security policy .

Q.) Describe how your journey was, from being a nobody to a security researcher.

Ans. ) The initial phase has been quite difficult. There have been times when I was bullied or did not get the chance which I wanted to, and this gave me an opportunity to sit quietly at one corner, and keep learning and exploring various areas of cyber security. This continuous practice actually helped me gain knowledge on a constant basis and of course, I have got amazing people supporting me.

Q.) What are the useful resources to learn cyber security?

Ans. ) Places to learn online: you can find useful courses from UDEMY

Places to learn offline: bookstores, community colleges, events.Go to Reddit and search for cyber security-Use your self-paced training course, Take it seriously, it’s really important for your career.

Q. ) What suggestions will you give to our readers to improve their level of security testing skills?

Ans. ) Clear your basics – unless your base is strong, you can not go ahead with the in-depth analysis or understanding of any topic. Keep reading and exploring – the more you read, the more you will keep learning.

Source- Twitter @freak_crypt

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