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Interview with Akshay Kerkar | Ethical Hacker

Today we are interviewing the Arts students who turns in to cyber security field ….

Q) Hello Akshay, Please introduce yourself to our readers.

I’m akshay anil kerkar, and I’m a 22-year-old cybersecurity auditor now employed by a company.

Q) When/How did you come up with the idea of entering in the Cyber security profession?

In 2014, wifi/routers were all the rage as a way to obtain the quickest internet, but since we couldn’t afford them, a friend asked me to get the password because I was so fascinated by computers. I tried after reading some guides, and it was successful.

Q) What is it like to work at cyber security sector ?

I appreciate my work in cybersecurity because of how important it is, how quickly things change, and how difficult it can be to solve problems.

Q) What upcoming challenges do you see as a certified ethical hacker ?

Ransomware is one of the most frequent cyberattacks, affecting thousands of businesses annually, and we recently encountered one.

Q) What are the useful online and offline sources to learn cyber security?

The greatest online resources for those who are new to cybersecurity are Tryhackme and Portswigger Web Security Academy, which cover a wide range of topics and provide training for both offensive and defensive security.

Q) What certification do you recommend to master the skills in cyber security ? Please advice the right path and resource to achieve it.

Since I have a degree in the arts and have not completed any certifications, especially in the security field if you have skills and practical knowledge of cybersecurity you can still get jobs in security field. Still, some companies require certifications so as per my knowledge CEH or Ejpt certification is good for entry-level jobs in cybersecurity.

Q) Some of the achievements in Cyber Security

For disclosing vulnerabilities, I was recently highlighted in a Duke IT security story. I have also received swags, hall of fames or awards from Sony, Dell, Netflix, and more than 20 other firms.

Q) What advice will you give to our readers to improve their security testing skills?

You should put what you have learnt into practise by doing it yourself in order to improve your security testing abilities and you should keep yourself updated.

Q) What are the myths companies have in their mind while dealing with Cyber Security?

Many individuals think that external sources are where cyber risks come from. It’s a popular misconception that most attacks originate from third-party applications. A study found that insider threats can account for up to 75% of data breaches.

Thank you Akshay for giving us your valuable time, We wish all the best for your cyber profession.

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