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Hacking Terminologies

Hack Value

The term Hack worth refers to a price that denotes attractiveness, interest, or one thing that is worthy. worth describes the targets’ level of attraction to the hacker. Zero-Day Attack Zero-Day Attacks refers to threats and vulnerabilities which will exploit the victim before the developer determine or address and unleash any patch for that vulnerability.


Vulnerability refers to a liability , loophole, or a cause in any system or network which can be useful and used by the attackers to travel through it. Any vulnerability may be associate entry purpose for them to succeed in the target. Daisy Chaining Daisy Chaining could also be a sequent method of many hacking or offensive makes an attempt to comprehend access to a network or systems, one when another, exploitation constant info and so the knowledge obtained from the previous try.


An exploit could also be a breach of security of a system through Vulnerabilities, Zero-Day Attacks, or the opposite hacking techniques. Doxing The term Doxing refers to commercial enterprise info or a bunch of information associated with a personal . This info is collected publically, largely from social media or different sources.


The payload refers to the actual section information|of knowledge|of information} or data throughout a frame as against mechanically generated data. In info security, Payload could also be a district or a section of a malicious associated exploited code that causes probably harmful activity and actions like an exploit, gap backdoors, and hijacking.


The bots square measure computer code that is used to management the target remotely and to execute predefined tasks. it’s capable to run machine-controlled scripts over the net . The bots also are referred to as net larva or net golem. These Bots square measure typically used for Social functions like Chatterbots, industrial purpose or meant Malicious Purpose like Spambots, Viruses, and Worms spreading, Botnets, DDoS attacks.

Ankush Gaikwad

Ankush Gaikwad  is the founder and CEO of  CYBRAIN INFOSEC, a Award winning cyber security and IT services company. Ankush is a Software engineer, Certified Ethical Hacker, Blogger, Author, Host , Web scam analyst, Gadget and Product Reviewer, Cyber Security Influencer and Security Researcher.

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