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Exclusive interview with Reetwika Banerjee | Advanced Cyber Security professional.

Today we are going to introduce you Ms.reetwika banerjee , A well-known Advanced cyber security professional.

Q. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

I am an Advanced Cyber Security Senior Consultant, associated with world’s top Consulting firms since last 12 years. Advocating my clients about prevention of cybercrimes and data breaches is my primary responsibility.

Q. When and How did you come up with the idea of entering the Cyberworld ?

After completing graduation in Electrical Engineering in 2008, I pursued my dream career with an international MBA degree in Information System & Security from Symbiosis

Q. What is it like to work in cyber security field ?

Infosec is today the foundation of all sectors. As we commonly say, ‘Data is the new oil’ and so is the need of its safe handling. In the years to come Infosec would be the game changer.

Q. What are the amazing things you did in cyber security ?

Well, I don’t know how amazing they are, but my job demands to be up-to-date on cyber laws, global standards and regulations related to Infosec. So, apart from technology, I have also completed certifications on various legal suites.

Q. What upcoming challenges do you see in a cyber security services as per the current security postures of companies?

Technology is changing almost everyday, so are the vulnerabilities & risks. As a tester, it is important to be aware of hitech cyber attacks and patch loopholes immediately. There is no end to this challenge is what I foresee.

Q. Tell us how your journey was, from being a nobody to a successful entrepreneur.

Well I am not an entrepreneur in any sense. I am a social activist apart from a full time security professional. My social venture is an NPO which is a council listed under ‘Women’s International Chamber of Commerce & Industries’.

Q. What are the important and useful online and offline sources to learn cyber security?

Research Gate papers, Tech Geek articles and Gartner reports are wonderful repositories. If you have a deep pocket, you may also subscribe to ISACA as a member.

Q. What could be next towards the global domination of your venture?

Workshops on ‘Privacy in Metaverse’, ‘Data Security on Cloud’ etc

Q. What certification do you suggest to master the skills in cyber security ? Please suggest the right path and resource to achieve it.

I will say, to begin with a career in cybersec, it is important to start with basic certifications (available online / offline by Literoma, Fact Universe, Udemy, Coursera etc). Once you become a pro, aim for top certifications like CISA, CISM, CRISC etc.

Q. Some of the achievements in Cyber Security

1. Nominated for ‘Padma Shree 2020’ for my social contributions in raising public awareness on cyber security, 2. On 26th Jan 2022, I am inscribed on Symbiosis ‘Hall of Fame’, 3. received ‘Apollon Sirmiensis Award 2021’ from Serbia

Q. What advice will you give to our readers to improve their security testing skills?

Read a lot. Only reading can keep you moving with the pace of hackers. Always remember they are often a step ahead of us. Keep chasing hard and a day will come when we are way ahead of them.

Q. What are the myths companies have in their mind while dealing with Cyber Security?

The top myth I see is that ‘100% security can be achieved’. No security control can guarantee 100% elimination of risk. We can only mitigate, transfer or accept.

“It was great conversation with you reetwika, we wish all the best for your cyber profession.”

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