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In this matrix plan when you refer your first referral
Your reinvested space is automatically created by the system in a $10 matrix – over and over again.

When you invite your second partner, he or she will be ranked #2.

When you invite a third partner, their ID will be placed in #3 position.

By filling these 3 positions, you will earn $20, and with these $20 your Matrix 20 will be activated automatically by the system.

And your earnings will start with your reinvestment in Matrix 10. Each time 3 positions are refilled, you will receive an unlimited number of $20 repeats as an inactive reward

The position can only be filled by your direct referral across all matrices, even if there is only 1 participant activated by you

This is how your matrix is ​​filled
All the following matrices will also be filled automatically

Let’s look at the following metrics and earnings
️♻️ Matrix $20
The first earning is $40, and with these $40 your Matrix 40 will be activated automatically by the system.

Also, from all reinvestments of matrices20, you will receive $40 as repeated passive rewards.

️♻️ Matrix $40
First Earning is $80, and with that $80 your Matrix $80 will be activated automatically by the system
And $40 from Reinvestment Matrix – you’ll receive $80 over and over again as passive rewards.

♻️ Matrix $80,

First Earning $160, and with it $160 Your Matrix $160 will be automatically activated by the system*
And with a $80 reinvestment matrix, you’ll receive $160 repeatedly in passive rewards.

and these processes will be on autopilot in all subsequent metrics

How to register and activate your account

To register, take the link from the upline that sent you this message

How to Activate Your ID in Trender

Step 1.

After registration, update your profile and profile photo.
Step 2.

Then go to the “Banking” section.
Top up your wallet.

Available Options:

Perfect Money USD

To pay for the first matrix10 you need:
Go to menu: “Marketing”
Select the “Matrix” button.

You will see a matrix of $10.
This is the first option you will see in the dialog box.

To activate this matrix
Click “Open” and activate your first matrix

💱💱 Link for registration:👇


Start building your team now and get paid

There is a possibility of internal transfer between the partners in the cabinet.
You can first add funds to your wallet, and then send the required amount to your partner to activate his/her metrics

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TRENDER_MATRIX- Your easy way to dream

marketing plan

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