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Cyber Safety Tips for Women | How To Stay Safe and Not Get Hacked ?

Stay safe with your passwords

Most of us tend to share our passwords with our friends, or give them to our e-commerce websites. Even after repeated password recovery attempts, many of us still use the same password for different services. You can’t always be there to protect your account.

Here are the steps you can take to stay safe with your passwords:

Passwords should be complex. Passwords for some of the biggest services are super easy to crack. In fact, with the recent data breach of one of the country’s biggest e-commerce portals, millions of passwords were found to be weak. So don’t use the same password for different services. Choose a unique password for each of your accounts so that when one is compromised, your accounts will still be safe. If you can’t decide how to chose strong password you can Use a password manager which is easily available on google just type What are the top 5 password managers?

Be careful on social media

Everyone is connected to the internet these days. There are numerous ways through which you can get connected. It can come in the form of your smart phone, laptop, desktop and also from your social media accounts.

Be very cautious while clicking on anything online and look at the details. You need to read everything carefully so that you can avoid any mishap. It is advisable to use a good security software. Even having a decent password is of no use if you don’t practice good cyber hygiene.

Online shopping

You are able to shop for almost anything online. You may also buy stuffs which you cannot find in your nearest shop. If you are using this to shop, there is an added advantage, as you will not face any risk when you are purchasing something you are not sure of.

Examine the links you click

Nowadays fishing is a trending way to get access your credentials, you have to stay alert before click any link on social media. Scammers makes same website with offer to make you decide on the fishing link ,always keep your eyes on valid link


Choose and use good passwords

Use 2-factor authentication and a password manager

Seek and protect help if you have questions

Use a VPN

Delete cookies

Never answer calls or return emails if you doubt

Avoid public Wi-Fi , if possible carry your own

Think twice before posting anything personal

Backup everything

Check your credit report often

Keep your mobile devices updated

Use a VPN or Tor to stay anonymous

Don’t open attachments and emails from unknown sources

Enable two-factor authentication and use unique passwords for every account you use online

Install malware detection and protection software to keep viruses and malware at bay

Take care of your security by never sharing your login details with anyone

Get expert advice and help by contacting me on Instagram

Do your research before meeting someone online

Do not share too much personal information and do not reveal too many details about yourself. This might help protect you from being stalked or worse. The dating community can be an aggressive place, and good online security is a must for women.

Online dating can often be overwhelming and scary, but it is important to remember that you are more than your online profile. The internet has given us the power to connect with people from across the globe. Be wise and safe when using the internet, it’s your safety and security at stake.

Be responsible

It is important to remember that online dating sites are as much about finding a match as they are about hooking up. Be responsible and don’t lie to people that are only looking for one thing. Remember, it is only a date.

Keep an eye out for suspicious contacts

Always do background checks on your contacts. A mobile phone is great but we always need to ask for permission before we are connected. Just because they use your information doesn’t mean you can trust them. Even if you do give your consent, keep your eyes open for any suspicious contacts.

Never share your password to your social media accounts with anyone. If someone is clever enough to trick you into giving them your passwords, they can very easily gain access to your accounts. In general, you should always check to make sure you really know the people you’re in contact with online.

Avoid clicking on suspicious emails

If you receive an email that seems to be sent from a contact, bank or someone in your family, don’t click on the links. More than likely, they are fake or spams.

Ankush Gaikwad

Ankush Gaikwad  is the founder and CEO of  CYBRAIN INFOSEC, a Award winning cyber security and IT services company. Ankush is a Software engineer, Certified Ethical Hacker, Blogger, Author, Host , Web scam analyst, Gadget and Product Reviewer, Cyber Security Influencer and Security Researcher.

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