CYBER Security Services

Cyber Security Services solve your business’ unique security challenges. They are outsourced cybersecurity services that can provide you with skilled cybersecurity staff, give you the ability to fight advanced threats, and increase the efficiency of your security operations. Our Managed Security Services, unlike others, will not only monitor and detect threats, but also automatically contain the threat and assist in evicting the attackers.

Why Use cyber Security Services

Over the last six years your threat landscape has dramatically changed. Your internal security team can no longer keep up with today’s attacks and breaches, and it is getting harder and harder to find additional cybersecurity experts to hire.

Cyber Security Services can solve this problem for you. Cyber Security Service Providers will extend your security operations and give you the security people, processes, and technology that you need. Your MSSP will act as an extension of your current staff and IT operations. We will take over the day-to-day management of the exact cybersecurity activities that you engage us for. Essentially: MSSPs offer a cost-effective method of growing your cybersecurity team, technology, and capabilities compared to internal development.

What We Offer as a Cyber Security Services Provider

Complete IT
Security Operations

If you have existing IT security operations that lack key capabilities, then our Managed Security Services can fill your gaps. If you have no existing security operations at all, then our Managed IT Security Services can give you complete turn-key 
cybersecurity posture.

Accelerated Threat Detection & Response

The average organization takes months to detect, investigate, and remediate each threat that has breached their network. CI’s Advanced Managed Security Services uses proprietary, patented AI and skilled cybersecurity professionals to uncover and remove sophisticated threats in days or even in just a few hours.

Advanced Security Technology and Skills

The cybersecurity skills gap has created millions of unfilled positions. Advanced security technologies like AI and Machine Learning are expensive to build in-house. As a complete Managed Security Services Provider, we can give you both in a fast, easy, cost-effective manner.1

2019 Gartner Market Guide for Managed Detection and Response Services

In this report, CYBRAIN gives you an objective framework for selecting an Managed Security Services Provider who can provide Managed Detection and Response services.

Our CYBER Security Services:

IT Security Compliance 
and Management

As your cyber Security Provider, we will manage the entire process to get you in good standing with ISO, PCI, GDPR, HIPAA, and other common compliance frameworks. We will then continuously monitor your network and controls to keep you in compliance at all times.

SIEM and
Log Management

CI’s cyber Security Teams will collect, correlate, analyze, and store all relevant security event data from your entire IT stack. We will combine AI-Driven automation and expert-driven manual processes to remove false positives and identify real events to remediate.

Cloud Security

As your next-gen cyber Security Services Provider, will apply complete security monitoring, detection, and response to all entire Cloud Workloads. We will defend common cloud platforms including AWS, Azure, and O365 apps, and manage all configurations and controls within your Shared Responsibility model.

24 x 7 x 365 Security Monitoring

CI will continuously monitor your entire IT stack and use data from existing security technologies. You will gain complete visibility into your entire IT network, all of your endpoints, every user’s behaviour, and your application data.

Threat Intelligence and Anticipation

CI’s Adv cyber Security will mine 10+ TB of global threat data every day to find new emerging threats, and to determine which are most likely to attack you. We will then proactively protect you from those threats before
they strike.

Proactive Threat Hunting

As a Cyber Security provider recognized for its threat detection and response, we will deploy dozens of AI models and hundreds of use cases to find threats that may have already breached your IT stack. Our AI platform can analyze over 10+ TB of your data in seconds to find and remove these threats before they cause harm.

True cyber Security with Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

CI’s cyber Security Services will provide comprehensive security capabilities that protect you from threats at every stage of an attack. We will evolve your security beyond preventing known attacks to your perimeter and will give you the ability to effectively defend yourself from unknown threats that evade preventive controls

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