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Best CDN plugin for your wordpress website | AgileCDN

In these fast-moving times, customers want their end-users online experience to be the fastest and most secure. This need has resulted in companies wanting to ensure their content online is delivered in an accelerated and protected environment. The average wait time of a customer is around 2-3 seconds and they expect content to be delivered within that time frame. Therefore, customers with online properties have started to deploy a Content Delivery Network (CDN) strategy.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of servers distributed across the world. Using CDN, you can deliver content to users from the closest server and improve website speed and security.

It’s used for faster delivery of static and dynamic content, improved search engine ranking, better security, lower bandwidth utilization, and more.

Why is it important to use a CDN?
When you use a CDN, your website will be cached or served from multiple edge servers located in different locations around the world. This will help you reduce the load on your server and improve page speed. Additionally, if you have customers who are outside of your country or region, it’s best to host them somewhere close by so they don’t have to wait long for their content to load!

A great way to think about this is like having multiple backups to ensure availability —if one goes down due to an outage or other problem at one location (your home office), another could still serve up content until it recovers/rebuilds itself too!

How does a CDN help in optimizing WordPress?
CDN can make your website or web/mobile based applications faster by delivering static & dynamic files, and serving content from the closest edge server.

CDN can also help you in optimizing WordPress by reducing the number of requests to your server. This means that you will have fewer 404 errors and speed up loading times for all pages on your website.

AgileCDN has a WordPress plugin that seamlessly integrates within your WordPress site to help you accelerate your website globally. It’s easy to install and use, with a wide range of features and settings.
AgileCDN is an enterprise-grade CDN offering that comes with a pay as you go model and NO contract commitment. It is one of the best options to choose from in the current market for customers specifically in the SMB segment.
It is built for seamless delivery and to ensure ease of use or deployment. AgileCDN is a multi-CDN platform and has partnered with the likes of Edgio, GCP, AWS CloudFront and Alibaba CDN.
If you own a WordPress website, integrating AgileCDN can be done in a few easy steps. You can directly add a plugin for AgileCDN from your WordPress Admin Page.
You can review the video I’ve shared to understand how to use the AgileCDN plugin for WordPress

Using a CDN can speed up your website and improve user experience.
AgileCDN is a service that allows you to deploy content delivery services (like Edgio & other leading CDNs) for speed and optimal end user experience in the most simple, cost effective and no contract commitment way. They have a very flexible and transparent pay as you go model.
Today, end users’ online experience and security is pivotal for any business. Leveraging a CDN has become a must when you want more people accessing your content from search engines, as well as from mobile devices where bandwidth isn’t too great. It even helps with SEO because it makes sure that all of those pages are loaded at once instead of one by one, which means they will appear higher on the search results pages than those without this feature installed on their sites.

In conclusion, CDN is a pivotal solution for any website or web based application, especially ones that rely on performance. If you’re looking to optimize your WordPress site for speed and SEO, then a CDN service is something worth considering.

AgileCDN is highly recommended for ease of use, no contract commitment (Pay-as-you-go) model. The added security features such as DDOS and WAF are available for the best market prices. It helps you benefit from savings costs spent on a CDN solution.

Are you ready to accelerate your website and secure it? Click on the link to register and get a free trial of AgileCDN.


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