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5 Reasons Why the Mobile Game Industry Is Growing Faster Than Ever

The growth of mobile gaming

Mobile gaming has contributed to the growth of the game industry in the past, but there are some key reasons for the current growth as well.

First of all, the main driving force of the mobile games industry is increased penetration rate of smartphones and other mobiles devices in the developing countries.

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However, more and more people are also taking to games due to the ubiquity of smartphone devices and the associated cheap cost and wide variety of games to play.

If the smartphones and games industry continue to grow at the same rate, mobile games can expect to reach a billion dollars in annual revenue by 2019.

Why More and more people are playing games on their mobile phones ?

Mobile game industry is doing very well

Today many game companies are getting bigger

Why is mobile gaming industry boosting today

Mobile game developers use the following four channels to reach users for their mobile games:

Mobile web

Traffic providers


Mobile media and devices

Mobile web

Many popular mobile games are ranked by the “Browser Rank” on Google.

Ranking is not specific to gaming, it is a ranking of all websites from most popular to least popular. It is based on the number of daily visitors, more the sites are ranked higher.

When a user searches for a certain term or company, it is going directly to the top-ranked pages. To attract more users, you need to rank in the top-100.

The games market is rapidly expanding

The mobile gaming sector is expected to grow at a double-digit rates

64% of the mobile gaming spending is of the casual gamers. So, it is expected that mobile will contribute to 54% of total games industry

Video games are being exposed to other mediums as well. For instance, the esports industry is rising. The esports industry is expected to grow in the next few years to be $696 million

There is an increase in the usage of smart phones with triple-digit growth rate

Mobile games are increasing in popularity

The way most people consume media nowadays is almost the same, the switch from TV to streaming to mobile is common. The numbers are just startling when you look at the stats.

Game developer, Niantic Labs has stated that more than half of their business comes from mobile. Game development company, Devolver Digital did an episode on an episode called ‘Where is my Mobile Game’, where they went to Steamfreshers, where they were asking some questions regarding mobile games and were shocked at some of the responses they got.

Mobile games are growing in sophistication

Mobile game industry has more money

The mobile game industry is highly competitive

The global mobile game industry is expected to rise at a 12.2% CAGR between 2016 and 2021, which is almost 3 times higher than the overall video game industry, which is estimated to grow at 4.1% CAGR during the same period.

The mobile game industry is gaining popularity globally with the active population and mass media promotions of these games. As there are more than 2 billion smartphone users in the world, it has turned out to be a massive market for smartphone games. Additionally, the smartphone games are growing at a double-digit rate.

However, many new games are constantly being developed to increase the level of excitement for players.

kudos for Developers

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